Our Story


Why we do What we do

Travel is not an opportunity that most young people get to experience. However, from the testimonies of ourselves and other travelers, we understand that knowing a world outside of your own is important.

Traveling can open one’s eyes to culture, history, and perspectives. With sights of new worlds, we become better leaders, better citizens, and better humans.


Where GGG comes in

Girls Going Global has the mission to empower underserved girls ages 13-17 to be global citizens by engaging them in travel and study abroad opportunities.

We accomplish this by providing the tools, mentorship, and educational experiences to make their mark on the world.


Every girl has a safe space to be her best self in the world; share her deepest fears and realize her biggest dreams.

  1. Every girl has an opportunity to explore new experiences and embrace the power of travel to help transform her life.

Every girl should serve and give back to her community.

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Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for people who are passionate and skilled to join our movement to increase access to international education to under represented girls!

Make a Donation

Girls Going Global is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls through travel and cultural exchange. Help us make it happen! Every contribution makes a difference.